Why the Proper Security Equipment is So Important for Officers

Security officers have the most important duty in maintaining safety and order in their designated posts. They guard and monitor unlawful access, illegal activities, threats, and all forms of criminal activities in the area. Security officers work in different commercial, private, and government establishments with the primary duty of safeguarding people and property as well […]

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The Paris Terror Attacks: Lone Wolf Terrorism?

CNN called the Paris attacks on Saturday “the worst violence in France since World War II.” Over 120 people died in the attacks in Paris, with over 350 injured. Despite being simultaneous, the attacks look and feel randomized. There were 6 scenes in all, ranging from restaurants to the Bataclan concert venue. The Islamic State […]

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Best Way to Provide Security for Your Home in Houston

Every minute, 4 to 5 home residences are robbed. By the end of an hour, 240 homes will have been robbed. Robberies go on at all times of the day. Contrary to popular belief, the most successful robberies occur in broad daylight. The house does not even need to be empty–as long as the burglars […]

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Houston Security Guard Stops Rape

The following news story, originally reported by, tells of the bravery of a local security guard. Jerrell McWashington, pictured below, was working security at a business near the 6800 block of Wilcrest near Bellaire Boulevard when he heard a woman screaming on the other side of a fence. What he saw, compelled him to take action. […]

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