Why the Proper Security Equipment is So Important for Officers

Security officers have the most important duty in maintaining safety and order in their designated posts. They guard and monitor unlawful access, illegal activities, threats, and all forms of criminal activities in the area. Security officers work in different commercial, private, and government establishments with the primary duty of safeguarding people and property as well as enforcing the rule of law at all times.

In any level of security, every security guard must have the proper security gear and equipment to effectively carry out his duty. Yes, every security officer must be armed especially in high-risk or high-security assignments. Security agencies also provide in-depth and rigid training for security officers to know the protocols and basics of responding to critical emergency situations that involve danger to life and property.

Check out the proper security equipment and gear important for security officers:

  • This is considerably one of the basic must-haves of security officers whether you are armed or unarmed. A security flashlight comes handy when patrolling a designated area especially in poorly lit or dark spaces that needs monitoring. This is also a very important tool in the event of power outages. Short tactical flashlights are most recommended for security officers because of its bright lighting and durability.
  • Security Cameras or CCTV. Installation of security camera and video technologies in the area help security officers monitor and deter crime as it happens or even before it actually happens. This can also serve as critical evidence in crime investigations.
  • Baton Stun Guns. This serve as non-lethal self-defense weapon for security guards that are exposed to hardened criminals all-year round. This helps scare off criminals without actually killing them. The million volts of electricity will certainly do the trick. Some specialized flashlights work reversibly as stun gun.
  • Bulletproof and Stabproof Vests. In close quarters, close protection security is very important to security officers who are working crowded spaces. The use of bulletproof and stabproof vests is designed to be worn and concealed under the security officer uniform. This serves as a covert bodyguard that provides protection from any untoward and sudden attacks while on duty.
  • Pen and Pad (Waterproof). Security officers also play administrative roles and have to take down notes of occurrences while on duty. There is a computerized patrol log for a team of security officers; but a waterproof pad and pen comes handy especially when you are away from the computer and on duty as you have to take note of things as and when it happens.
  • Two-Way Radio or Mobile Phones. Carrying a two-way radio is important for security officers to be able to communicate with one another. This is mostly used during events or for closed-protection setups. In the advanced generation though of security guards who mostly have mobile phones, this is now most often used as compared to the standard two-way radios. This allows you to call quickly and to store multiple contacts for easy communication. A lot of cloud-based apps can also be integrated for security purposes.
  • Security Belt. This is a basic yet functional piece which is a must-have for every security officer because it conveniently holds all handy equipment together. You can tuck in your flashlight, baton, stun gun, pepper spray, cuff, keys, mobile phones, and all other devices needed for your patrolling.

Security officers wear different hats while on duty.  They do administrative, surveillance, protective, and defensive tasks all-day or all-night long which needs the proper security equipment in place. Going for top-caliber equipment and complete security gear is important to ensure that you are able to fully carry out your duties as a security officer whilst also protecting your own life and limb.

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