Houston Security Guard Stops Rape

The following news story, originally reported by Click2Houston.com, tells of the bravery of a local security guard. Jerrell McWashington, pictured below, was working security at a business near the 6800 block of Wilcrest near Bellaire Boulevard when he heard a woman screaming on the other side of a fence. What he saw, compelled him to take action.


“I see the guy on top of her trying to rape her. She’s trying to fight him off. So I immediately drew my weapon and ordered him to see his hands,” said McWashington.

He called police, who arrested the assailant.

This Houston, Texas, security guard acted in a way that was extremely professional. His training allowed him the capabilities to do what other surely would not have: he responded to someone in need, and he waiting patiently without having to fire his firearm. It takes a certain level of skill to accomplish this feat. Kudos to you, Jerrell McWashington. I, as others, are declare you a hero (for the day, anyway).


For more on this story, and to see the interview with McWashington, check out the full story.

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